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In World of Tanks are two types of currencies: credits and World of Tanks gold. First earned in battles. The second fact is allowed to purchase from these funds, or get some other methods. World of Tanks gold in any way does not alter the fun and not alienate a huge advantages, but probably did not cook it less significant.

Бесплатные премиум танки world of tanks, супер-акция.

 How to get World of Tanks gold

The easiest way to get World of Tanks gold - buy it. You can do this by following the link (requires authorization online game). 
The course of game currency pegged to the U.S. dollar and is: 1 USD = 250.
There are other ways to earn World of Tanks gold. Here are the currently available:
Capturing the province and thus earning the World of Tanks gold, the clan leader can devote his players.
Various tournaments and competitions, as well as social activities.
One of the planned way, but whether it is implemented - is not known ([1]):
The work of mercenaries paid in World of Tanks gold, but first you must buy a license (for World of Tanks gold).Moreover, it should be out of the clan.
The cost of the premium account
Price Duration
24000 360 days (12 months)
13500 180 days (6 months)
2500 30 days (1 month)
1250 7 days (1 week)
650 3 days (72 hours)
250 1 day (24 hours)
Premium Account
For World of Tanks gold you can buy premium account. Premium account gives an increase of 50% of the income of experience and credits to create a company and a platoon of three players; clean hangar, which increased the range of zoom in / zoom out the camera (8 positions to 5 in normal hangar). Proportionally increased accumulation of free experience.
Premiumnyh tanks
Buy for World of Tanks gold premiumnyh tanks do not require experience for their pumping. They differ from conventional high yield credits and cheap service. Premiumnyh tanks initially "elite" that allows you to immediately translate into a free-earned experience. But there are downsides. Such as the fact that their equipment level is somewhere between "stock" and "top-end" compared to conventional cars in the same class and level, which usually reduces their combat capabilities.

Premiumnyh Soviet tanks

III Т-127 (850 )

IV Валентайн II (1 000 )

V Матильда IV (1 500 )

V Черчилль III (1 500 )

VII СУ-122-44 (6 750 )

VIII ИС-6 (11 800 )

Premiumnyh German tanks

III T-15 (900 )

III PzKpfw S35 739 (f) (1 000 )

V T-25 (1 500 )

VI Dicker Max (3 200 )

VI PzKpfw IV Schmalturm (3 750 )

VII Panther-M10 (5 750 )

VIII Lowe (12 500 )

VIII 8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger (10 000 )

U.S. tanks premiumnyh

II T2 Light Tank (750 )

III M22 (950 )

V Ram-II (1 750 )

V T14 (1 500 )

V M4A2E4 (1 500 )

VIII T26E4 SuperPershing (7 200 )

VIII T34 (12 000 )

Premiumnyh tanks France

III FCM36 Pak40 (850 )

IV 105 leFH18B2 (1 500 )

VIII FCM 50 t (11 900 )

Premiumnyh tanks Britain

V Matilda Black Prince (1 750 )

VI TOG II* (3 500 )

VII AT-15A (6 500 )

"Gold" in World of Tanks
World of Tanks - gratuitous online action game. At least some although it is possible to pump the game client and start a large-scale tank battles accomplice only through half a minute oposlya fun start by testing on the machine itself as the famous second universe, that way and test models, not fleeing the area test sites.

Perseverance and excellent fun to fortify you for the machine is pumping at least some class and value, can not be spent on perhaps a penny. But with the support of small cash investment - microtransactions - you have a chance to produce their own lives in World of Tanks will not only interesting, but the most convenient. Because of these funds will be available to you dear game price - World of Tanks gold, which will simplify your creation in the fun.

Because if the investor disposes of the presence of World of Tanks gold?

World of Tanks gold - Premium

Premium - more famous in the middle of purchasing virtual tank. His presence will give the 50-profitable gains earned credits and experiment because of any battle, but if you want to achieve will allow more cars in the military establishment, and keep a log time spent on pumping. You can buy a premium account for a period of 1-day to 2-years. Premium alienates:

by 50% over the experiment because of any battle;
by 50% over the experiment because of the crew of any battle;
50% more loans because of any battle;
creation probability for three platoons;
likely to create a company;
clean and free Hangar.

World of Tanks gold - Exchange for game credits

From time to time, at the investigated tanks and modules, investors did not have enough credits to purchase them. First conclusion in such a situation - to conduct some more fights and accumulate a sufficient number of credits. Second - the rapid and successful - to translate into World of Tanks gold loans and move here after the mall because of new clothes.

World of Tanks gold - Translation experiment

Machine, whose tree bleeding quite freely receives the status of the choicest, and most likely mean that the resulting stale her experiment, collecting oposlya played any battlefield. Use World of Tanks gold to modify the experiment in free and use it to pump at least some of the hundreds of tanks, there are in the fun.

World of Tanks gold - Premiumnyh tanks

Premiumnyh cars - even Wotan fundamental substance Provision chain World of Tanks. These tanks are available only for World of Tanks gold. They are in the same unchanging transformation and their lack of super guns and impenetrable armor, but differ over-income and in experienced hands will stand a real horn of plenty, bringing a tremendous number of credits and the experiment, Coy fact allowed to immediately translate into a free.

World of Tanks gold - Parenting crew

With the acquisition of the icon you hire the crew, to whom to rule a typewriter, cheat guns, shoot enemies and give according to their coordinates allies. On the skills of the crew is dependent on the return of your iron horse. You will be able to elect a free tank, quickening past courses (50% skill), or because of loans to recruit graduates of secondary schools in the tank (75% skill). With the help of World of Tanks gold is allowed to call the crew, who finished Tank Academy and owns 100% skill, and probably mean that your tank will be very effective with the most important battle.

World of Tanks gold - Additional slots in the hangar

We all have a virtual presence in the tanker is there a free hangar gifted put on 5 military units. If in fact work as soon all seats are vending machines, but the park does hunt tanks to increase? Use World of Tanks gold to purchase additional parking spaces and the ability to drive there another Iron recruit.

World of Tanks gold - Premiumnyh projectiles (piercing and cumulative)

Premiumnyh shells differ from ordinary overpriced armor piercing or ultra high damage. You will need them in the conduct of the battle suprotiv briskly armored competitors, causing the defect after that where in the ordinary projectile ricocheted off or not be able to break through the armor.

World of Tanks gold - Premiumnyh ammunition

World of Tanks gold -  Equipment are considered disposable items used during a battle in order to provide a bonus for one-time use or for the whole duration of the battle to increase the productivity of equipment or heal crew. World of Tanks gives two types of equipment: the mundane, has to buy credits and premiumnyh, has to buy game World of Tanks gold. Premiumnyh ammunition works most excellent, though it is preparing a more suitable and necessary in the battle.
Retraining crew

Each crew member is trained specifically for a particular tank. If you want to assign it to another tank, then you will have to retrain. To do this, click on the tab "Training" in the personal tanker, choose your training course. Regimental School and a crash course to help retrain crew members on a new technique, but with the loss of a percentage of his professional experience. You can train tanker to another armor without losing the experience, choosing courses Tank Academy - in this case, the tanker will be retrained for a new tank, retaining all earned experience.

World of Tanks gold - Expansion of the barracks

For game World of Tanks gold you can always expand the barracks, leaving more space for the crew members.

Dismantling of equipment

Equipment - is an accessory for the tanks with certain advantages, but have a high cost. Removable equipment noted in the game with a lock icon. However, the 10 units of the game of World of Tanks gold, it can be dismantled, and therefore will not be destroyed. You can put the dismantled equipment to another tank.

World of Tanks gold -  Replacement of documents crew

In the employment of tank you do not know what names they bestowed life. Someone, for example, might very upset gunner named Mazyuk. To fix this, go to "Documents" in the personal tanker and change its name to the more attractive.

World of Tanks gold - Camouflage

Camouflage can be divided into three groups: winter, summer and the desert, the same with each other on price. One tank can be installed on one camouflage from each group. Before the fight, depending on the type of card, the tank automatically adjusts camouflage, which now has a practical value - gives +5% to disguise.

World of Tanks gold -  Badges

Since version 0.8.0 the players were able to replace the standard marking (Soviet Star, German crosses, etc.) to other posters. Can choose from dozens of posters in four categories:

Flags and Emblems
Depending on the design, the war machine can be applied to one or two posters.

World of Tanks gold - Inscriptions

Can choose from dozens of labels for each of the nations in the game. Currently available only one category: Historic inscriptions made in the relevant languages. When the mouse on the words you can read it translated into Russian. Depending on the design, the war machine can be applied to one or two characters.

The tank of each nation can only add an inscription in the appropriate language. The exception is the inscription at the German cars, "Please give up everything," written in Russian.

World of Tanks gold - Creating a Clan

"World War" is already in full swing. Dozens clans divide the global map World of Tanks into zones of influence, areas which have been the object of fierce tank battles. Assemble your squad and take part in a tank redivision of the world by making your own tank empire.


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